New Cityscapes colors

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Cityscapes carpet

Felt used is 100% wool and though it simulates concrete pavement, it is warm to touch. Produced and sold exclusively by Basematters, Rotterdam.

Thick&Thin Granite

Now available through our web shop.

ALLT is a design studio

Slide through recent work - this is Barbiell, 2 kg weight for the ladies.


Limited edition sets in Guatemala Verde marble.


Our work always tries to establish the principle of making one’s home a place of individual personality as unique as people themselves are. The products we use everyday are of different importance to us and in common spaces things are all alike, mass produced and we share these. Our home should be quite the opposite, made of stuff that is exclusively ours. We try to make products to reflect this, to create a story for you through recycling symbolism and tradition of the everyday.


Cityscapes Colors


Thick&Thin bamboo set




Thick&Thin marble set