Filed under: carpet, felt, 2011
Street pavements cover urban grounds and spread their patterns according to assigned spaces. Rug tiles are created to enable similar approach for interiors and to mark our paths through house. The sophistication of pavement patterns projects the complexity of city grids to 2D of our floors. Rug pattern is assembled from one type of tile only and it uses hexagonal grid to visualize its isometric world. Felt used is 100% wool and though it simulates concrete pavement, it is warm to touch.
technical infomation:
material: felt, rubber
color: grey / black
tile size: ↔ 289 mm ↕ 375 mm ↔ 12 mm
carpet size: 2 square meters (40 tiles)

We're on the lookout for a manufacturer to collaborate with on this design! Do contact us, there is quite a lot of potential clients unhappy about not being able to buy it.

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